At Axiom, we believe that quality, solventless hash is a delicacy all should have access to. Ice water hash is our star product, and where it all begins. Our ice water hash is made from either fresh frozen whole plant cannabis, or whole plant dried cannabis. Hash made from fresh frozen cannabis allows you to savor its rawest state before any terpene evaporation has occurred. While hash from whole plant dried cannabis results in a nostalgic flavor and experience, reminding you of when hash was an intimate find. We work tirelessly, separating and refining the resin glands from whole plant cannabis. During production, cannabis is gently agitated by hand in an ice water bath to remove the resin head from the trichome stalk, then filtered through mesh bags. This allows us to separate various sizes of resin glands and collect with care. We create a variety of full spectrum hash with diverse tastes, potencies, and price ranges to accommodate each individual’s needs. Our half melt hash is perfect for an extra bump in your joint, or on top of a bowl. Our full melt ice water hash is ideal for serious dabbers and concentrate users who wish to experience a true representation of their favorite strains.

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