The mythical lore of hashish is one of the most mesmerizing and enticing sides of cannabis history. The oldest evidence of cannabis’ psychoactive use was discovered was in the form pressed resin in a Chinese grave dating back 2700 years. From there, hashish has been found from men on the mountain creating their own paradise, to groups getting together to smoke hashish on a hookah. The act of pressing and aging resin into hashish brings forth a new level of flavor and experience. Don’t let the darker color scare you, this is going to be a smooth smoke. This product is made for those wishing to experience a deeper level of cannabis knowledge. Our facility is equipped with a custom drying and aging room with pristine conditions to do the hard work for you. Our hashish doesn’t come on to the market until it has been aging for a minimum 3 months. This allows its flavors to meld and create new profiles that we in the cannabis industry are still deciphering. Once you bring it home, break right in and see for yourself the difference between hash and hashish. Maybe you allow it to rest longer, letting it continue on its aging process undisturbed. Either way, we are looking forward to hearing about your experiences with hashish.

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